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Carnival in Orani

In February 2017 we talked about the Sartiglia di Oristano, one of the most important Sardinian events. For the carnival 2018 instead we go to Orani, a small town in the Sardinian inland. We reach this destination on Saturday 17 February, when the event “Mascheras Tradizionales” is held; here there Read more…

By The Author, 4 months ago
Wellness and Entertainment

Cortes Apertas at Fonni

Since 1996 or so, some countries of the province of Nuoro propose a suggestive event known as “Autumn in Barbagia“, but above all as “Cortes Apertas“. What is Cortes Apertas? The term literally means “open courts”; in fact, during these events, the houses of the villages, in particular their courts, Read more…

By The Author, 1 year ago