This year we went to the Rock n’Beer of Valledoria, annual event that takes place in early August.
This is a summer event on several evenings, during which different artists and rock bands perform live.
The location is a large square located 100 meters from Valledoria (Sassari province), on the road to San Pietro a Mare; here the stage is prepared with around various stands and stalls, for the sale of food, drinks, gadgets and typical products. The event was held from August 2nd through 4th.


In 2013 the Rock n’Beer was held for the first time. The event consisted of a traditional two-day beer festival; during it there was possible to have lunch and dinner with typical Sardinian products. In the evening some local music bands performed.
The presence of numerous seasonal tourists helped to increase the turnout; so the event was repeated in the following years with a continuous growth in popularity.
The invited groups have become more and more numerous and, starting from 2015, the party evenings have become three. If in the early years the participating bands were known only locally and regionally, the most recent editions featured artists well known Italy and even in Europe.

Rock n Beer 2018

Moments of fun and music

Despite the name Rock n’Beer, this event is above all a party which can be enjoyed by many, not only by beer and rock lovers and…
It’s also a summer festival with lots of Sardinian specialties to taste!
At the entrance there is a play area, where children can have fun on slides and small playing fields; the stands with the various benches also allow families to have dinner away from the stage; friends looking for a bit of relaxation will be able to taste a beer in the rear, while music lovers will be able to see the groups from close up on stage.

Beer festival

Rock n’Beer 2019

This year the number of invited artists and bands is higher than in last years; the songs proposed by the cover bands range from pieces of classic Italian singer-songwriters (De Andrè, De Gregori, Gaetano) to the international hits of rock (Queen and Gun’s Roses).
These days are an opportunity to listen to the Celtic punk of the Czechs Pipes and Pints, the symphonic metal of Rhapsody of Fire, the songs in Lombard dialect with folk sound by Van de Sfroos, the Irish rock by The Rumpled… And for talent show fans, there is the pianist/singer Antonio Sorgentone (maybe a little less “rock”, but still winner of Italia’s Got Talent 2019); and also the band Seveso Casino Palace (contestants at X Factor Italy 2018). In our direct experience, we enjoyed the poetry in the songs of De Andrè, performed by the Banditi e Campioni. We listened to the virtuosity of the piano performances of Sorgentone.
And finally the Rhapsody of Fire, with their metal symphonies, have been able to charm the crowd, singing of their epic world made of legends, ideals, dragons and warriors…

Banditi e Campioni
Rock concert in Valledoria
Rhapsody of Fire
Rhapsody of Fire - live

We will definitely be back again next year!!

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