To explore the beaches of northern Sardinia

BENS (Beach Explorer Northern Sardinia) is the app to know the beaches of northern Sardinia, along the coast between Alghero and Cannigione.
It is an application designed for the traveler, easy to use, suitable to run also with older devices and with slow connections.

BENS - beach explorer northern Sardinia

Two versions available: for Android and for Windows 10.

BENS Android  BENS Windows


  • List of beaches with indication of the main features; on the list it is possible to search by keywords, or to use the function of sort.
  • Interactive map to know the position of the beaches positioned along the coast.
  • Page with details of the beaches, geographical information, descriptions and photos.

For information about the privacy policy of the app, see here.

Beaches ranking by Sardinia4Emotions

Since January 2019, you will find on the app our evaluation of all the beaches.
We have assigned scores, from 0 to 5 stars, about the fame, the nature, the accessibility and the proximity to historical / archaeological sites. Here you will find our criteria.


5 red stars

The top, beach extremely famous: the place is mentioned on hundreds of thousands of internet pages or more.

4 red stars

Very popular: we are in the order of 100,000 pages.

3 red stars

Popular: we are in the order of 10,000 pages.

2 red stars

Little popular: we are in the order of a thousand pages.

1 red star

Almost unknown: we are in the order of hundreds of pages.

In some cases we had to make approximations in the counts; for example, some beaches have more names, others have homonyms.


5 green stars

Located in a natural park or protected reserve.

4 green stars

Natural environment in which rare or protected species are present.

3 green stars

Natural environment, far from the main population centers (over 5 km away).

2 green stars

The environment is natural, but we are close to population centers (less than 5 km away) or in areas significantly altered by human intervention.

1 green star

Urban or industrial environment.


Environment strongly polluted.


5 blue stars

We are located near urban centers/main roads and with access for disabled people.

4 blue stars

Close to main roads with easy access OR close to secondary roads but with access also for disabled people.

3 blue stars

Close to secondary or dirty roads.

2 blue stars

Reachable by short walking paths (less than 20-25 minutes).

1 blue star

Reachable only by long paths on foot or by sea.


No access by paths, only by sea.


5 yellow stars

We are close to sites or monuments of exceptional importance (UNESCO sites).

4 yellow stars

Proximity to places of high historical interest (eg excavations of ancient cities or necropolis, fortification systems, castles).

3 yellow stars

Proximity to places of historical interest (es. nuraghe, towers, sunken ship).

2 yellow stars

A place where important historical events took place (eg battles, landings) or a place where ancient structures were built, of which no traces are preserved.

1 yellow star

Area known for historical elements of ordinary / daily value (eg place historically used for stone quarries, for pastoralism or agriculture).


No historical relevance.