In this month of January 2024, the exhibition of the Davis Cup, an important international tennis trophy, is currently going on in Sardinia.

The Italian victory of the 2023 edition

The Davis Cup is a tennis tournament created in 1899, which is played annually between the strongest national teams. Despite having changed the format of the matches in recent years, the event maintains its high prestige, being considered the “world cup” for tennis teams.
In November 2023, the Italian national team, inspired by the masterful performances of Jannick Sinner, managed to triumph in the finals of the tournament, beating Australia 2-0 in the decisive match. Thus, 47 years after its first success, the Italian team, led by captain Volandri and composed of Sinner, Sonego, Arnaldi, Musetti and Bolelli, achieved the title again.
After the success, the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation started an exhibition tour to show the famous Cup to the fans. During the year in which the Italian national team will be holders of the trophy, the cup will be displayed in the various regions, giving particular importance to the places that have written the history of Italian tennis.

Cup detail

The tour in Sardinia

After a few days in Milan, in December the trophy was taken to Sardinia.
The stages decided on the island are: Alghero, Sassari, Arzachena, Cagliari: 4 locations where the team Italian has played some matches in past editions. In addition to the Davis Cup, some matches from past Fed Cup editions were also played in Sardinia; remember that the Davis Cup concerns the men’s teams, while the Fed Cup (now renamed BJK Cup) was the equivalent tournament in which the women’s teams participated.
Just at the end of December we had the opportunity to observe the cup at the Torres Tennis Club in Sassari.

Torres Tennis Club

We certainly cannot hide the emotion we felt in front of the historic trophy!
The silver cup stands on a heavy, multi-tiered wooden plinth. Each tier is decorated with silver plates, dedicated to the editions of the tournament; on each of these plaques we find a summary of the edition engraved – with the result of the final, the names of the teams and players who participated.

The cup

The cup was then transferred to Arzachena at the beginning of 2024; on January 8th the trophy will reach the city of Cagliari (Palazzo Civico di Via Roma), for the last step of the tour in Sardinia, before returning to Milan.

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