The Littu Park of Santa Maria Coghinas is located among very green woods, in a narrow valley crossed by the Coghinas river.
It is an ideal place to relax in the greenery and enjoy quiet walks, with the possibility of stopping for a picnic. The paths surrounding the area allow short, panoramic and suggestive excursions.

The park can be reached from the road that leads from Santa Maria Coghinas to the Casteldoria dam. It is a panoramic road which, in the first stretch, climbs towards the Casteldoria castle, offering pleasant views towards the Valledoria plain up to the mouth of the Coghinas river; in the second stretch, after passing the crossroads for Perfugas, it descends with some steep hairpin bends towards the dam up to a large square.
Having reached this point, near the entrance to the park, we stop to admire the landscape… we find ourselves in a narrow valley crossed by the river. The vegetation on the slopes is lush, except for the steep rocky walls of the Ruju Mountain towards the east…
Towards the north we see the Casteldoria dam, which creates a vast basin with the waters of the river.

Casteldoria Dam

The entrance to the park is welcoming, with a large paved path suitable for everyone: for those who simply want to walk – without obstacles for children, elderly and disabled people – and for sports enthusiasts (cyclists, runners and hikers).

Park entrance

Discovering the park

The first stretch of the route in the park descends through the woods, towards a pleasant area equipped for enjoying a break in the greenery.

Path in the park
Bar Area

In a few minutes on foot we reached the bar, with a splendid terrace overlooking nature… A place that invites you to stop and observe the surrounding mountains and the valley carved out by the river.
On the other side of the pedestrian path there is the large picnic area, equipped for barbecues. There are also games for children, such as slides and swings. Some street lamps allow you to stop even in the evening, especially in the summer.

Picnic Benches
Casteldoria castle panorama
Picnic area

Routes and excursions

The paved route continues in the valley, towards the north, alternating stretches of slight uphill and downhill stretches. As we proceed, we reach some panoramic pitches, from which we can observe the steep walls of the mountains. Among the trees we can see the tower of the casteldoria castle on the top of a promontory, in a dominant position.

Monti Ruju
Casteldoria Tower

We continue for another ten minutes, surrounded by greenery, until the end of the large pedestrian path. From here, a small path descends towards the river, to reach at the mouth of the valley the area of Casteldoria spa.
In good weather you can therefore combine a pleasant walk with a subsequent regenerating bath in the warm river waters.
For hiking lovers there are also other interesting routes in the area, such as the path that goes up to Casteldoria Castle

Walking in nature
Discovering rocks
The paths continue

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