Porto Alabe is a small seaside resort on the west coast of Sardinia, in the municipality of Tresnuraghes.
We visited it in the summer of a few years ago…

The beach of Porto Alabe, at the south of the village, is one of the largest in this Bosa area; here you will find a typical landscape of the north-western coast of Sardinia.

Porta Alabe, the village

The coast between Capo Falcone and the long beach of Is Arenas (near Oristano) is in fact characterized by high and rocky coasts, with steep slopes and cliffs overlooking the sea, between which small sandy coves are set. Few sections are exceptions, including the bay of Porto Conte and the Rada di Alghero.

The tourist site

Porto Alabe, whose name means seagull in Catalan, is a fraction of the village of Tresnuraghes; you can go there via winding, although very scenic, roads.
This village is a particularly suitable destination for holidays to discover nature and away from the major tourist influxes.
The roads leading to Porto Alabe allow you to live suggestive experiences, especially if you come from the Alghero area and choose to take the coastal road that passes through Bosa; in this way the journey is a succession of panoramic views of the coast.

On the beach

We are on a beautiful beach of golden sand, with rather large grains. It is the largest expanse of sand among those surrounding Porto Alabe; further north, in fact, there are the beaches of Albatros and Noesala, which are much narrower.
To the south we find rocks that close the small bay on which this beach overlooks.

The beach
The cliffs

Near these rocks there is the beginning of a panoramic path that leads to the cliffs, to reach small coves.
You can continue on the path until you meet the remains of imposing Spanish towers, with an itinerary that offers fascinating panoramic views, in particular with the colors of the evening and with the sun setting over the sea. The towers were built for defensive purposes against the frequent incursions of ferocious barbarians; in the seventeenth century piracy was very widespread.

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