Today we will show you the coastline in the area of the mouth of the Liscia River, between the municipalities of Santa Teresa di Gallura and Palau. The beach, depending on the access points, takes various names: Porto Liscia, Fiumara del Liscia and Barrabisa.
It is certainly a surprising destination: in general the stretch of coast between Santa Teresa and Porto Cervo is characterized by many inlets and small sandy coves, while here we find a very long golden beach that stretches for kilometers and kilometers.

Here there are so many landscapes and the multiple access points – some near areas equipped for tourists and refreshment points, others in wilder areas! It is enough to walk a short distance to get the impression of finding other beaches!
We reached the place in spring, with a climate not yet suitable for the first baths, but with the possibility of taking a pleasant walk.
For our exploration we start from the western part…

Porto Liscia

There are some secondary roads that lead to the Porto Liscia area; here you can find more access points to the beach.
Near the coast we find only a few small tourist facilities such as kiosks, bars and surf warehouses… An aspect that unites several points of the beach is precisely the possibility of surfing (including wind and kite surfing), which makes it a of the most popular locations for lovers of water sports.

Porto Liscia
Western part of the beach
Ponds and sea
The pond

The mouth of the river Liscia

If we look to the east from the Porto Liscia area, we see the beach extending for a long stretch surrounded by low dunes, covered with vegetation. In the central area towards the mouth of the river, it takes the name of Sciumara del Liscia beach… the panorama is fairly uniform, up to the actual mouth area. Here the waters of the Liscia flow into the sea. To the south, the fluvial environment of great naturalistic interest can be observed with wonder. The estuary area is an ideal destination for canoe and bird watchers.

Long sandy beach

Isola dei Gabbiani and Porto Pollo

East of the river, the characteristics of the beach change again, with a wider area of dunes towards the inland.

Panorama towards the mouth of the river

But what surprises us most is the thin sandy isthmus, crossed by a road, which connects the coast to the peninsula called Isola dei Gabbiani. It almost looks like a reduced version of the isthmus which, in the area of Santa Teresa di Gallura, connects the Capo Testa peninsula to the rest of Sardinia… Isola dei Gabbiani is actually less mountainous; on it you will find a tourist village and a camping site. The view is still pleasant… the beach and the colors of the sea invite us to stay here. Too bad it is not yet summer, but for sure we will be back to swim and enjoy this sea!

Isola dei Gabbiani
La spiaggia presso Isola dei Gabbiani

Before returning, we turn our gaze even further east: the long beach from the isthmus of the Isola dei Gabbiani continues to the tourist facilities of Porto Pollo, with the name of Porto Pollo beach.

Spiaggia di Porto Pollo

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