We come back to the beaches of Lu Bagnu, a hamlet of Castelsardo, to live a new experience… to discover the underwater world!

We have chosen to start our exploration from the western beaches of Lu Bagnu; here the landscape is made up of cliffs, boulders and golden sands and we expect to find a similar variety of scenery even below the sea.

Towards the beach

We put on the mask, put on the fins and our snorkeling adventure begins!

The underwater landscape

When we enter the water and turn our gaze towards the seabed, we immediately discover an extremely varied environment. It only takes a few moments to find ourself swimming on groups of compact rocks and strips of sand that slip between them.
Sometimes we find bizarre shaped rocks partly covered with algae.
We follow small valleys, similar to miniature canyons, until we reach larger valleys…

Sands and rocks
Rock with algae
Underwater environment
Seabed details

It is a wonderful and fascinating world, for swimming and searching for the small inhabitants who populate it…

Swimming with the fishes

In the sandy ravines we meet very common fish in this part, such as dreamfishes, breams and mullets. Their shades of gray do not make them particularly visible…

Salpe and Sarago

We are lucky to also spot a group of sea basses.

Sea bass

When we get closer to the rocks we find more colorful fish, such as wrasses that move easily among the algae and the recesses…

Coris julis
Labrus viridis

We are surprised by the variety of mullet we come across. The sand mullets blend in with the sand of the seabed, which they sift undisturbed in search of food. Near the rocks we find some red mullets, very similar in appearance, but with a more reddish color. And under the rocks we see another solitary fish, known in Italy as the king of mullets…

Sand mullet
Red mullet
Apogon imberbis

Our exploration continues and we come across many other small inhabitants of the sea…

Various fish

Of course, during this swim, someone is missing, such as stingrays or soles… but we will certainly be able to meet them in future explorations!

The Author

Explorer and discoverer in the island of Sardinia. Author of the travel blog Sardinia 4 Emotions, to share emotions and experiences of this magic land.