Isola Rossa is a very picturesque locality of Gallura, in the municipality of Trinità d’Agultu. Despite the name that means Red Island, this is not an island, but a village lying on a peninsula. In this territory there are many reddish rocks and cliffs; the same reddish rocks emerge from the waters, forming an islet not far from the coast… so, we understand the name of the village!
Many features make this place extremely fascinating.
The village, born as fishing harbor, has grown in particular in recent years thanks to tourism. The center is rather small but nice, with many enchanting places: narrow alleys, views of the cliffs, an ancient watchtower and the marina.

Isola Rossa, places

For sea lovers there are also several beaches, which will satisfy all wishes: from the equipped area to the most isolated coves, from the expanses of sand to the cliffs. Let’s start now to know them, one by one…

1) Spiaggia del Porto – Harbor Beach

Isola Rossa, harbor beach

The Harbor Beach (Spiagga del Porto) is the small stretch of sand near the seafront of the village and the port. Easily accessible, it is also suitable for families with children, thanks to its shallow waters. Due to its southern exposure and to the presence of the barriers of the port, the beach remains protected from the wind, especially the mistral, and from currents.

Isola Rossa, Spiaggia del Porto - Harbor beach
Harbor beach, views

2) Spiaggia Longa – Long Beach

Spiaggia Longa - Long Beach

This is a long stretch of sand, which is the natural continuation of the Harbor Beach, southward. Even the Spiaggia Longa (Long Beach) is easily accessible from the village.
The seabed, mainly sandy, has pebbles near the shore; generally, in this part of coast the waters are deeper than in the part of the Harbor Beach.
The northern part of the beach has equipped areas, and it is close to the bars, restaurants and shops of Isola Rossa; here it is also possible to rent canoes and boats; the last stretch of the beach is instead free and surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation.
In 2018 the beach received the Blue Flag recognition, for the quality of the water and the services offered.

Spiaggia Longa and Isola Rossa
Spiaggia Longa, views

3) Northern cliffs

Northern cliffs

To the north of the village are the famous reddish cliffs; from the area of the Aragonese Tower the view is impressive, especially in the days of rough seas, when you can feel the power and the roar of waves crashing on the rocks. On quieter days, you can go down to the sea, following the paths. Access to the sea requires caution, but snorkelers will find spectacular underwater worlds.

View of the Red Island, Isola Rossa

4) La Marinedda Beach

La Marinedda

La Marinedda Beach is located in the heart of an enchanting cove, near the hamlet of La Marinedda. It’s a wide beach made of fine and golden sand, mostly surrounded by greenery and delimited by reddish cliffs. There are few buildings (hotels and restaurants) not so far and the south area is equipped with umbrellas and deckchairs. The seabed is sandy.
It is no coincidence that this place is frequented by surfers: the beach is in fact exposed to winds, especially the Mistral.
Like the Long Beach (Spiaggia Longa), La Marinedda also received the Blue Flag award in 2018.

La Marinedda Beach
View of La Marinedda

5) Punta Li Canneddi Beach

Punta Li Canneddi Beach

Mainly rocky, it is the largest of the small beaches located between the cliffs of Punta Li Canneddi, north of La Marinedda Beach. You can reach it via the dirt roads and paths, from La Marinedda.

Punta Li Canneddi

6) Li Canneddi Beach or Cala Rossa

Li Canneddi Beach

We are in the cove east of Punta Li Canneddi. The beach is mainly composed of sand and partly equipped for customers of the nearby resort of Li Canneddi (Calarossa Village). The cove, surrounded by lush vegetation, is located in a beautiful natural amphitheater.
Due to the presence of rocks, and shallow waters, this stretch of sea is not particularly suitable for swimming near the shore. However, the environment is interesting for diving lovers, less close to the shore.
The beach can be reached via a wide path, which starts from the parking area at the resort. The coastal path also starts from here, which leads eastwards to Cala Li Tinnari and Costa Paradiso.

Cala Rossa

7) Li Puzzi Cove

Li Puzzi Cove

Li Puzzi Beach, also known as L’Oltu di Li Canni, is located in a solitary cove south of Isola Rossa; the beach is mainly made up of a long expanse of stones and pebbles.
You can reach this place with a walk of about twenty minutes: starting from the Long Beach (Spiaggia Longa) and following the path along the coast. The area is very beautiful for the views along the way, towards the mouth of the Coghinas river and Castelsardo. Access to the sea is less simple than in the other beaches closest to the village of Isola Rossa, due to the presence of rocks on the seabed.

Near Li Puzzi Cove

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