Santa Teresa is a well-known seaside town in Gallura, frequented by numerous tourists especially in summer.
Near the town, located on a promontory from which you can enjoy an excellent view towards Corsica, there are many attractions.
The beaches are some of the most famous on the north coast.
From the historical point of view, in the area there are monuments and relevant sites: necropolis, tombs of giants, Roman quarries, Spanish watchtowers…
As for scenic beauty and nature, the area of Capo Testa is wonderful.

Santa Teresa, views of the town and landscapes

But let’s start thinking about the sea… Near Santa Teresa di Gallura you will find a great variety of beaches: small arches of golden sand in the rocky coves or long sandy areas. In particular, the the coastline is very jagged; even with wind and rough seas, it is possible to find a sheltered cove or beach.
In recent years, three beaches have received blue flag recognition: Rena Bianca, Rena di Levante (Zia Colomba beach) and Rena di Ponente. (The last update of the blue flags dates from 2019, before writing this article).

1) Rena Bianca (blue flag 2019)

Rena Bianca, beach near the town

Rena Bianca it is the closest beach to Santa Teresa; it is located in a beautiful cove north of the town, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. It is composed of a large expanse of clear sand and it is mostly unequipped.
The ease of access and the shallow water make this place suitable for families with children, elderly and even less experienced swimmers. Due to the proximity to the village, with all its services, this beach is very crowded in the high season.
You can reach the beach by following several paths; in particular, the footpath from the Torre di Longosardo (16th century Spanish tower) is very panoramic.

Rena Bianca, panorama
On the beach

On sunny days, looking north, the white cliffs of Corsica stand out clearly.


2) Rena di Levante (blue flag 2019)

Rena di Levante, panorama

There are two beaches on the spectacular isthmus leading to the Capo Testa peninsula; the one facing south-west is called Rena di Ponente, while the one facing north-east is called Rena di Levante. This beach actually continues to the northwest in the bay of Santa Reparata, alternating stretches of rock and stretches of sand; the part of the beach that closes the bay to the north is also known by other names: Zia Colomba beach or dei Graniti.
Here, the sand and the rocks alternate, the seabed is generally sandy and not too deep.
The central stretch, near the small tourist center of Capo Testa, has an equipped area; nearby there are a small kiosk, bars and restaurants. This location is certainly the most crowded in the summer.
Following a path to the north, you reach the area of ​​the granite quarries, already used by the ancient Romans; here you can admire the remains of some stone columns.

The isthmus
Beach of Granites
Rena di Levante

3) Rena di Ponente (blue flag 2019)

Rena di Ponente and Capo Testa

Southwest of the isthmus of Capo Testa, there is Rena di Ponente, a very suggestive beach of golden sand. The seabed is shallow and sandy.
The position, inside a bay facing south, makes this stretch of coast sheltered from the waves.
There are many reasons that make this beach a place not to be missed: the shades of the sea, the view of the Capo Testa peninsula, the luxuriant vegetation all around…

La Colba Bay
Rena di Ponente

4) Santa Reparata Beach

Santa Reparata, beach and village

The Santa Reparata beach is located near the homonymous tourist village, just south of Rena di Ponente. The name must not be misleading, the place is south of the isthmus of Capo Testa, while the bay known as “Baia di Santa Reparata” is located north.
The beach has similar characteristics to Rena di Ponente, although the environment is a little less wild and there is a small area equipped with deck chairs and umbrellas; a short distance away you can see the buildings of the tourist village, surrounded by greenery.
The sand is a little darker than in Rena di Ponente; the seabed remains shallow in the area near the shore, making this beach suitable also for less experienced swimmers; compared to Rena di Ponente, this stretch of coast is more exposed to currents from the west.

The sea near Capo Testa
Santa Reparata

5) Cala Spinosa

Cala Spinosa, cliffs

The beach of Cala Spinosa consists of a small stretch of sand between the cliffs north of Capo Testa. You can reach it by following a short path that allows you to admire the huge boulders typical of the peninsula.
The seabed, mainly rocky, make this area a little less suitable for inexperienced swimmers, compared to the places seen previously. On the other hand it is an interesting destination for snorkeling.

The coast near Cala Spinosa

6) Coves of Capo Testa

The path to Cala Francese

Walking the paths of Capo Testa, you can reach several coves. The beauty of the landscape also make the footpaths extremely interesting, surrounded by nature and imposing granite boulders.
The main coves are: Cala Francese, Cala di l’Ea, Cala di Mezzo and Cala Grande; the first reachable with the paths near the Capo Testa lighthouse, the others passing through the Valley of the Moon. These coves, surrounded by cliffs and rocks worked by the strength of the elements, enclose small sandy beaches; the seabed is mainly stony and rocky.
Given the limited space available, especially in the summer months, we recommend reaching them without too many sea equipment: it will be possible to move around during the day, visiting more places in Capo Testa.

Moon Valley

7) Beach of Porto Quadro

Porto Quadro, landscape

The Beach of Porto Quadro is located in a cove surrounded by greenery east of Santa Teresa.
This place can be reached by following secondary roads that cross the tourist structures of the hamlet of Terravecchia Portoquadro.
Here we find a fairly small sandy beach. The seabed remains shallow, in the first part near the shore, and mostly sandy; access to the sea is therefore quite simple. In some places there are rocks and stones, especially towards the sides of the bay. The beach is partially equipped in summer, a period in which a small kiosk is also set up; dogs are also allowed.

Beach of Porto Quadro
The sea near Porto Quadro
Porto Quadro

8) La Marmorata Beach

La Marmorata, beach and village

La Marmorata Beach it is located a couple of kilometers from Santa Teresa, in a small inlet. Nearby there is the tourist village of Marmoratina.
The beach, about 200 meters long, is one of the largest in the Santa Teresa area. During the summer, a large area has equipment (deck chairs and umbrellas) and there is also a bar a short distance away.

La Marmorata

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