This month our trip continues on a striking and isolated beach wich reserves many surprises: the beautiful cove of Su Sirboni in Ogliastra.

The cove

Cala Su Sirboni is reachable by a pleasant 15-minutes walk along the coast near the village of Gairo. The narrow path crosses slopes covered by vegetation and allows you to admire beautiful views of the various creeks along the trail, until our destination.
The cove stands at the end of a valley immersed in the green and has a secluded beach, usually not too crowded even in summer. The sand is white and fine and the whole creek is surrounded by large reddish rocks… The water is crystalline, with a sandy sea bed not too deep that invites us to dive!

Su Sirboni Sea
Su Sirboni Beach

Just in the small valley behind the cave, we can observe a peculiarity of the place: immersed in the vegetation there are some abandoned houses of the tourist resort of Marina di Gairo, structures designed in the sixties but never completed for administrative problems.
This village could have attracted more visitors in this region, but it’s never been completed, so this place has remained a sort of paradise in an almost natural state.
The lack of facilities for bathers, the distance from car parks and more generally from the inhabited centers, in fact help to avoid overcrowding of the cove.

Su Sirboni cove

Hiking around the cove

But there are also other surprises: we continue walking along the path that goes south, climbing on a modest slope. The trail leads us to a panoramic position, from where the view opens south and allows us to observe majestic reddish rock walls that stands almost vertically above the sea. It’s enough to walk for a few hundred meters to find a so different environment!

Cliffs near Su Sirboni
Cliffs near Su Sirboni
Sea in Ogliastra

We stay here some minutes to observe and take some photos before returning back at Su Sirboni and enjoying a bit of sunshine and sea at the beach.

Cove of Su Sirboni

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