Badesi is a tourist resort in western Gallura. The town is located on a hill, a few kilometers from the coast, from which you can enjoy an excellent view of the Valledoria plain.


The long sandy coast of Badesi extends for about 8 km, from the mouth of the Coghinas to the first cliffs near the Isola Rossa; in general it is composed of golden sand with not too fine grains. The seabed is on average deep, lower especially in the eastern part. In any case, it is necessary to pay attention during bathing, as this stretch of coast is subject to strong currents. Although from a geographical point of view it is a single, long beach, depending on the area and the access points it takes different names.
In 2021, 4 Badesi beaches received the blue flag recognition: Li Junchi, Li Mindi, Baia delle Mimose and Poltu Biancu.

1) Baia delle Mimose/Pirotto Li Frati

Baia delle Mimose Beach and Coghinas mouth

This beach takes its name from the tourist village of Baia delle Mimose/Pirotto Li Frati. Here we find a long sandy strip lapped on one side by the sea and on the other by the last stretch of the Coghinas river.
Near the tourist resort there are equipped areas and refreshment points, while as you move towards the mouth of the river the environment becomes more natural and wild. A part of the coast is accessible to dogs, with the doggy beach. The main access routes are the roads and paths that pass from the tourist village but, near the mouth of the Coghinas, there is also a landing point for boats from Valledoria.
Our photos refer to the last stretch of beach, extremely spectacular and with few equals in Sardinia.

Baia delle Mimose beach
Coghinas river
Mouth of Coghinas
Near Coghinas river

2) Poltu Biancu

Poltu Biancu, access

The beach of Poltu Biancu is immersed in nature and surrounded by dunes, covered with vegetation. The small paid parking lot nearby can accommodate very few cars and this means that the beach is never crowded, not even in high season.
There is a small refreshment point at the parking lot.

Poltu Biancu beach
Poltu Biancu

3) Li Junchi

The sea at Badesi Mare

Li Junchi beach is the most easily accessible and therefore also the most popular. It has similar characteristics to Poltu Biancu with the difference that the context is less natural, with the road that runs along the coast and several tourist facilities. There is therefore no shortage of restaurants, kiosks and equipped areas.

Li Junchi
Li Junchi Beach

4) Li Mindi

Li Mindi

Moving east, to Li Mindi beach, we again find a more natural environment than Li Junchi. It offers fewer services, less crowded than the previous ones. As you move eastwards the environment begins to change, with the seabed shallower, while towards the hinterland the slopes become higher.

Long sandy beach

5) Li Feruli

Panorama of Li Feruli and Isola Rossa

Li Feruli is the last beach of the long coast of Badesi; it can be reached on foot in about 10 minutes, via a downhill path (mostly on a wooden walkway). The more long path than the other beaches means not many people, despite the presence of a kiosk with bar and equipped area.
Along the pathway you can admire the view over the coast of Badesi and the nearby Isola Rossa; in the distance, towards the west, the promontory of Castelsardo can be recognized.
At Li Feruli the seabed is rather low and sandy, even if in some points some groups of isolated rocks emerge.

Li Feruli
Li Feruli, view of the beach
Evening at Li Feruli

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