Today we will discover famous places by the sea in Gallura, in one of the best-known areas of Sardinia.
We will see a part of the north-eastern coast, which extends between Porto Cervo and Olbia.

Now we will tell you about one of our September visits; in our opinion the low season is the best time for a tour in this area, as it is possible to enjoy the sun and the sea, without the overcrowding of July and August. However, don’t expect beaches and deserted places, because very popular places are always frequented by tourists!
The charm of the beaches of this area is certainly related to the colors; the fine white sand contrasts strongly with the reddish shades of the rocks of Gallura. The blue sea is often crossed by many boats and, from many points along the coast, you can see islands in the distance… Not only those of La Maddalena archipelago, but also the islets of Mortorio, Soffi, Le Camere and Tavolara.

Views of sea

The panoramic road provincial 94 of Olbia Tempio is extremely fascinating and allows, in some points, to admire a large part of the coast from above. The road starts north of Olbia, near the tourist resort of Portisco, in the direction of Porto Cervo.
After a first fairly flat stretch, the route moves away from the coast, going up on the hill slopes until reaching a wide lookout; here, near a small bar with a terrace, there is free parking; be careful, because even in September it can be difficult to find a free place, due to the many tourists passing through.

The sea

The place allows us to admire an exciting panorama… The slopes covered by thick vegetation descend to a coast dotted with small coves; we can see many islands, including the wonderful shape of Tavolara to the south.

The beach of Capriccioli

After enjoying the view over the entire coast, it’s time to reach the sea! We know that there are many known beaches that would deserve a visit; among these we choose the beach of Capriccioli, which is located near the homonymous tourist resort, in the municipality of Arzachena.
Capriccioli (whose name means “goats” in Gallurese dialect) is located on a small peninsula, surrounded by many coves; we leave the car in the large parking lot (the rates are quite high) and we reach the nearby beach.
Despite the month (September), we have some difficult to find some free space for towel and parasol; but the landscape and the sea are fantastic!

View of Capriccioli

Capriccioli beach is composed of two coves surrounded by vegetation and separated by a small rocky stretch; this is a very suggestive corner for taking pictures…

Northern cove
Southern cove
Rocks near the coves

Although we are practically in the heart of the seaside resort, the buildings rise amidst lush greenery and the eye can see so much nature.
The sea today is quite calm and the sandy bottoms allow us to swim without difficulty; in the clear waters there are many fishes to observe, especially near the rocks at the edge of the cove…

Beach of Capriccioli

In case of more agitated waters it is however possible to move to one of the other coves around the Capriccioli peninsula.

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