Today we will talk about Lu Littaroni beach, located in the wild and evocative coast of northern Sardinia. It’s a very long beach, near Aglientu, about ten kilometers from Santa Teresa di Gallura. The name Littaroni, or Litarroni, comes from “Littarru”, a sardinian shrub.

The beaches near Aglientu are typically surrounded by nature; to reach them you have to walk along paths and small roads. In this area you will not find luxury resorts and large tourist centers: only small equipped areas near some tourist village.
Lu Littaroni is no exception; although this beach extends for about 3 kilometers and has several access points, all the paths that reach it are long; so, you have to walk for 10-15 minutes.
The beach is located in a bay, bounded to the east by a characteristic relief of reddish rocks: the mountain of Monti Russu.
The variety of landscapes and the coast itself make this destination very interesting for more visits, even at different times of the year; in summer you can choose to relax on the sandy or to swim in small coves among the rocks, while in the rest of the year you will find a solitary place to admire nature’s beauty.

The western part – Naracu Nieddu

Along the road from Castelsardo to Santa Teresa, there is the first access point to the beach, marked by the sign “Naracu Nieddu“, which means Black Nuraghe. Here it is possible to leave the car, but the parking area is paid; of course you can park for free, but in a more distant place, along the main road. Once you leave the car, a relaxing walk in the greenery awaits you, with a path that descends into the heart of the pine forest. After about ten minutes, you will find the beautiful bay.

Path to the sea

A long golden beach forms an arch along the coast, with several rocks and cliffs.

Naracu Nieddu
Swimming at Littaroni beach

Near the access point there is also a small bar, with food and drinks… otherwise you will find only nature!
This is probably the most crowded part of the beach in the summer, but always extremely quiet.

The central part

The central part of the beach is even more wild and secluded, probably because people can reach it only on foot with longer routes.
Coming from the West, the first stretch of the beach is mainly sandy, surrounded by dunes and shrubs inland.

The wonderful beach of Lu Littaroni
Monti Russu

The landscape changes towards the East, beyond the first group of rocks: from here you will find several sandy coves between the rocks.
The sea becomes deeper, but the alternation of sand and rocks characterizes the waters with surprising effects of light and tone.

Panorama toward Naracu Nieddu

The eastern part – Monti Russu

The final stretch of Lu Littaroni takes its name from the reddish promontory that closes the bay: Monti Russu.For this destination you can reach a parking lot in the middle of the woods, following the signs “Monti Russu”, from the state road in the direction of Santa Teresa. The parking area is not a payment, but there are not many places available because the area is protected by a nature reserve.
From the parking lot in the woods, a path descends among the shrubs towards the coast. You quickly reach a fork above the cliffs and, from here, you have to go to the right. The view is excellent on the beach of Monti Russu: a sandy expanse in the cove at the foot of the promontory.
Behind the sandy shore there is a small stream surrounded by reeds; this scenario reminds us of other beaches not very far away, such as Li Cossi and Li Tinnari.

Sea colors near Monti Russu
Monti Russu beach

On the beach of Monti Russu you will find, in summer, a small area equipped with some deckchairs and umbrellas; this is for use by a tourist village, located in the hinterland and not visible from here. In summer, beach lovers can relax on the beach and go swimming… But hikers can also find interesting routes along the coast or in the nature reserve; or, why not, climbing Monti Russu, to enjoy a wide view of the entire coast of Lu Littaroni!

Sunshine at Lu Littaroni

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