The area of Luogosanto, in the Gallura inland, is ideal for walks and excursions in the countryside that allow you to learn about the history. Here there are in fact many testimonies of the past.


In the area of Luogosanto there are traces of very ancient settlements, from the Nuragic era. On the hills not far from the town, the medieval ruins of two castles are still preserved: Baldu Palace and Balaiana Castle.
The village also has medieval origins; it was probably founded by the Franciscans and the presence of numerous churches, in addition to the name itself, demonstrate a strong religious tradition. The most important church, the Basilica of Nostra Signora di Luogosanto, dates back to the 13th century.

The village Luogosanto

The park of Monti Casteddu

Our destination today is in the mountains, south of Luogosanto.
A narrow asphalted road on the slopes takes us to the wide plateau surrounded by three peaks: Monti Juanni, Monti Ruiu and Monti Casteddu.
Here we find a very green forest, crossed by country roads and paths.

Road in the woods

The dense vegetation surrounds the numerous traces of a nuragic settlement, dating back to the period between the 14th and 11th centuries BC.
Thus, as we walk, we observe several scattered groups of stones and granite boulders, excavated by the erosion of atmospheric agents; the ancient populations must have used those recesses as rooms or as burial chambers.

The forest

The archaeological excavations have brought to light numerous objects in the area: ceramics, jewels, weapons. We know that an agro-pastoral community had settled here which, in several phases over time, had extended and modified the settlement.
As we progress along the path we get closer to the center of the ancient village. Here we find a surprise… The meeting hut apparently almost intact! Above a low circular wall the conical roof made of reeds is visible… Obviously the latter has been recently rebuilt, but the reconstruction allows us to imagine the original structure immersed in the woods.
From the entrance to the hut we can see the large fireplace in the center; there is also a step that flanks the wall, on which people could sit.

Nuragic ruins
The hut
The room of the hut

Not far away there are also the remains of a nuraghe and a defensive wall, near Monti Ruiu.

Views from the top of Monti Casteddu

From the meeting hut, we follow a small path that climbs steeply between the vegetation and rocks.
In a few minutes we reach the summit of Monti Casteddu and now we are in another dimension… The rocks of the top form a spectacular natural terrace; from here we enjoy an incomparable view of the Gallura landscape. The glance reaches the surrounding hills and valleys, the town of Luogosanto and the green woods. To the north we can distinguish the sea in the distance, while to the south we recognize the silhouette of Monte Limbara.

Gallura inland
Luogosanto village
Green Hills

This area is recommended not only for walks in the countryside and short hikes, but also for climbing, thanks to the presence of steep rocky walls.
And, why not, even on mountain bikes you can find pleasant and interesting routes!

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