Let’s explore some places in the Monserrato Park!
Among the many observation points, we have chosen three that will allow us to get to know the colors, the luxuriant nature and the small church built inside; to learn more about the park, you can read the main post.
The map shows the places for which a 360 ° panoramic photo is available:

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1 The gardens
2 The tower
3 The church

1) The gardens

In the middle of the gardens, we observe the very green lawns, hedges and low walls. Surrounded by trees, we find the tower.

2) The tower

From near the tower, the view over the gardens is quite wide. The reflections on the water from the fountain add further charm.

3) The church

The small church dedicated to Our Lady of Montserrat is located near the entrance to the park, from via Budapest.

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