History and Culture

Spring in Chiaramonti

What could be more relaxing than an itinerary on the green hills in spring? And if there was the possibility of reaching an ancient fortress that dominates the valleys and from which you can see overseas lands? Follow us to discover the ancient village of Chiaramonti and Doria’s Castle! Meadows, Read more…

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Beaches and Sea

All the beaches of Alghero

This post is a small guide about the beaches in the area of Alghero, charming town in the northwestern Sardinia. Alghero is a beautiful city, which offers many attractions to tourists. The center is very interesting for the historical point of view, with the medieval ramparts that surround the oldest Read more…

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History and Culture

The treasure of Ottana

Ottana is a small town (about 2300 inhabitants), located near the mountains of the province of Nuoro. The main activity of the past was sheep farming; in the last centuries agricultural, handicraft and industrial activities have also developed. The tradition We arrive at Ottana almost by chance, during a travel Read more…

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Wellness and Entertainment

Carnival in Orani

In February 2017 we talked about the Sartiglia di Oristano, one of the most important Sardinian events. For the carnival 2018 instead we go to Orani, a small town in the Sardinian inland. We reach this destination on Saturday 17 February, when the event “Mascheras Tradizionales” is held; here there Read more…

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